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GiGi Natural Muslin Roll 3.25" Wide, 100 Yards

GiGi Natural Muslin Roll 3.25" Wide, 100 Yards

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GiGi Natural Muslin Roll 3.5" Wide, 100 Yards 

GiGi Woven Muslin Waxing Rolls can be used for effortless complete body hair removal that includes the face, arms, underarms, chest, legs, bikini lines, and other delicate areas for a flawlessly soft, silky, and hair-free skin!

 It combines a tight weave texture and high thread count for maximum absorption. Adheres only to unwanted hairs and not to skin for pain-free waxing. It will meet your waxing needs without tearing or separating during use.

This waxing roll pulls out hair from the roots for a clean, precise, and hassle-free waxing experience. It helps prevent wax seepage that can leave your hands messy and sticky. Perfect for home and salon use.

You’ll never run out of stock with this waxing cloth roll from Clean+Easy! Features a 2.25-inch x 100 yards, very flexible that you can cut to your preferred sizes—effective alternative to wax strips.

 GiGi, the most trusted brand by Salon-spa professionals, helps you achieve beautiful hair-free skin. All products are 100% cruelty-free, never tested on animals.

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